Taproom Open:

Friday & Saturday 4:00pm to 9:00pm

Taproom Open:

Friday & Saturday 4:00pm to 9:00pm

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Crafting Beer with Depth

Growler Bay Brewing Company is a locally owned and operated small-scale production brewery committed to crafting exceptional beers and supporting the Valdez community in our family-friendly taproom.

At the heart of the brewery is the electric 3 barrel brewhouse.  Brewing is our passion and just like every iceberg is uniquely different by having a story, a history or a map of its voyage as it’s sculpted along the way, so does each beer - from grain to glass! We look forward to being part of your journey!

Especial bitter beer, malta, hops and barley over a withe background.

A place behind the name

Growler Bay, just outside of Valdez, Alaska

The Brewery’s namesake is Growler Bay, located at Glacier Island in Prince William Sound, about 25 nautical miles away from the deep water Port of Valdez. This location allows icebergs from the Columbia Glacier to float into the bay and was therefore given the name Growler Bay.


noun: growler; plural noun: growlers

  1. a person or thing that growls.
  2. a small iceberg.
  3. a pail or other container used for carrying drink, especially draft beer.
    a four-wheeled hansom cab.

Milestones to our official opening...

This year! (2020)

Growler Bay Brewing Company is located in Valdez at 224 Galena Drive in an original Old Town building. We’ve spent most of a year working with local, state and federal agencies to complete all of the permits and licenses necessary to start brewing beer to sell to the public.

We are working through the taproom build-out and final modifications to the building. Our 3 Barrel Brewing System is almost ready to be fired up for our first round of brewing.

At this time, we can’t predict the exact opening date due to all of the red tape but once we pass the inspections and receive final approvals, we will be offering a wide variety of small-batch craft beer.

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Rhonda & Paul Langley
Owners Rhonda & Paul Langley

The Passion Behind the Product

Growler Bay Brewing Company is about dreaming big even if it takes starting small to follow your passion because there are hidden depths within all of us.

After years of homebrewing and dreaming of moving to Valdez to open a community-inspired brewery, in 2013 Rhonda and Paul migrated south from Fairbanks to fulfill their dream of not only starting a brewery, but also a family. With a formal background in Biology and numerous in-depth brewing education courses, Rhonda felt a true belonging in the brewing community and knew she wanted to pursue brewing, not only as a hobby, but a career.

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Growler Bay Facts

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